Podcasts to suite a variety of musical tastes and interests.
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Basso Ridiculoso Everyday I make a little recording of me playing bass. Then I post it. Then you hear it.
Speechless:Exploring New Instrumental Music Bringing you the best in new instrumental music, each week this short-format show presents to you music unfettered by lyrics and built on tone, timbre and time. The genre-crossing program features a mix of styles, allowing the listener to experience new music and new artists as they're carried along on this unusual musical ride. Hear the artist's stories told without words, and visit a place where all the music is truly...Speechless.
This Week in Drum Corps A weekly review of what's happening in the drum and bugle corps activity. Hosted by Kevin Gamin, Assistant Editor of Drum Corps Planet News (
Eskadron Bizarre An eclectic and idiosyncratic podcast full with a broad range of music programs in regular html and rss format. Consult the archive pages to see our list of past broadcasts." content="An eclectic and idiosyncratic podcast full with a broad range of music programs in regular html and rss format. Consult the archive pages to see our list of past broadcasts.
Avatar Studios Presents This is a 30-minute music (mostly jazz) podcast presented by Avatar Studios, one of the industry's top recording studios, located in New York City. The program, hosted by Wade, features great music and interviews by the people who recorded the music. The aim of the show is to help introduce music that may not be widely known or heard, but of great quality. The intent was also to present a professionally produced show with superb audio quality.
3 Pups Music Experimental music of Newbie Brad and Pantha, featuring fretless electric guitar, electronic wind instrument and software. Sometimes solo, together, group, instrumental, electronic, noise, orchestral, collaborators. Vids on site.
Accordion Crimes Radio with Mike Danner In each episode accordion-playing Mike Danner jams and chats with a guest musician/songwriter.
Virtual Guitar Lessons A podcast that walks you through learning to ply folk guitar.
Acoustic Alchemy Featuring "MTV Unplugged" style acoustic artists.
The Nashville Nobody Knows An in-depth half hour weekly interview and performance program featuring music outside the mainstream radio machine.
Blend 11 12 string guitar virtuoso's- Blend 11
Indie Eye Indie Eye demystifies the music business for independent recording artists, songwriters, musicians, managers, booking agents and venue managers. Whether you are new to the music business or a seasoned audio professional, you need to constantly keep your musical career moving forward. Indie Eye will guide you through the music business by shedding light on it's many aspects including planning your career, songwriting, digital audio, recording, mixing, audio mastering, cd duplication and replication, graphic design, cd artwork, mailing lists, record stores, radio, online promotion and sales, web sites, release parties, touring, and much, much more. Whatever your musical style, from Hip-Hop to Rock and Pop to Bluegrass, you can improve your career in music by listening to Indie Eye with it's easy-to-apply professional tips, insights, research, and artist interviews and success stories.
Ritchie A musical podcast project of r.domain. One song created every 2 weeks utilising guitar, bass and drums. 60 seconds max for each song. Please subscribe and stay tuned esp for lovers of original music such as King Crimson, Fantomas, John Zorn, The Mars Volta, Bill Laswell, Scorn, etc. From ambient to industrial and everything in between.
MashUp Mobile Check out the latest MashUps from around the world. Stop by our Featured page to hear more samples of the DJ's skills. This podcast has fun and exciting music that will keep you dancing.
Radio Clerkenwell Radio Clerkenwell features the music of The Real Tuesday Weld and the adventures of The Clerkenwell Kid.
Stories Of Great Hymns Discover how the great hymns came to be written; the trials and triumphs that led the great hymn writers to pen their immortal classics. Narrated by veteran radio actor, Rex Brenner. Music by Larry Shackley
Music from Jez Uncomplicated, unrequited love songs from London UK
South Florida On The Beat South Florida Podcast. South Florida is back with their very FIRST Entertainment Podcast Show and the Internet's leading source on South Florida's local musicians, hottest nightclubs, upcoming events, and breakthrough trends.
Rhythm Incursions The Rhythm Incursions podcast is arguably the first ever music radio show to be podcast with the complete consent and involvement of the record labels it supports. Tagging itself as "picking up where hip hop stops", the show covers all kinds of divergent beats, from the glitched out beats of the Planet Mu label to the leftfield hip hop of Bully Records, from the smoked out Crooklyn dub of the Wordsound stable to the mashed out junglism of the Mashit label. Trust us, this is a show you do not want to miss...
Indie Christian Podcast Some of the best Indie Christian Music in the country - updated twice a month. Check out our website for more details on the bands -
Concert Previews - SF Bay Area Music and info for upcoming concerts in the San Francisco Bay Area