From Washington D.C. direct to your MP3 player. Political podcasts are found here.
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Mark Levine The Inside Scoop with Former Congressional Attorney Mark Levine brings you "all the news from the nation's capital that the Government does not want you to know" from political players inside the Washington DC Beltway. Mark discusses political news that the mainstream media almost never reports and that some in government do not want you to know about. Mark welcomes callers during his LIVE talk radio hour, and he particularly values calls from folks who disagree with him.
A World of Possibilities A World of Possibilities is an award-winning one hour weekly radio program that penetrates behind the headlines to uncover the deeper meanings of events. It offers in-depth analysis, informed commentary and an exploration of new approaches to our most challenging problems. Our aim is to open minds and inspire new possibilities.
One Man Revolution Home of the Revolution Network. Keep you ears and minds open, for this is the media of the revolution! Weekly to daily segment of up to 40 minutes. Mostly technoranting, questioning, uncommon insanity, stumping, about Politics, Technology, Food, Advocacy, Entertainment, daily news and events and of course the rest of the finer things of life!
Prolefeed Prolefeed is a non-profit, non-government, non-establishment news analysis and commentary service run by two libertarian-minded friends. We are not here to feed you the same slop thrust at you by media and political “news” sources. Instead, we are dedicated to discussing issues that affect your liberty and ours, things that the government, media, and business want to keep quiet. We are here to help you realize why it is important to know the source and consistency of the prolefeed you are served on a daily basis.
Hannity Sucks a series of observations, rants, truths, etc... About the state of the nation and the view of the republican party and how much Sean Hannity sucks.
SUBJECT TO DISCUSSION Show with bloggers talking politics and current events and also Battlestar Galactica talk
THIS IS HELL This is Hell is four hours of completely uninterrupted unedited blah blah blah which airs every Saturday morning in Chicago. Troublemakers, muckrakers, whistleblowers, host Chuck Mertz does in-depth interviews with rabble of all sorts. Noam Chomsky has called This is Hell "a voice of sanity on talk radio." After you listen, you'll know why we think Noam's gone insane.
The Socialist Steve Show A 60's liberal's mix of politics & music
Republicans Suck Hate (most) republicans as much as I do? This is a series of observations, rants, truths, etc... About the state of the nation and the view of the republican party.
Liberadio Hosts, Mary Mancini (a "harpy" of the left), and Freddie O' Connell (a Southern-bred Ivy League elitist), fight back against the right-wing media echo chamber with news and commentary from the reality-based community. It's the hypocrisy we can't stand. Oh, and the lying.
Inside Minnesota Politics With Peter Idusogie The inside scoop on Minnesota Politics featuring interviews with the movers and shakers that you won't find anywhere else.
Radio W.C. Two progressives stuck in the eye of the neo-con hurricane, Warren Counbty Ohio discuss politics and stuff. Sometimes funny, sometimes thoughtful.
Take Back The Media Radio Politics and media analysis with a comedic edge - a loud-mouthed New Yorker and an opinionated Hawaiian take on politicians, the media, and anyone else who deserves it! TBTM Radio is the home of two bare-knuckled liberals armed with a microphone and the truth.
Shelley the Republican Shelley the Republican is one of a kind. She's a conservative in Texas with a lot on her mind regarding the national political scene. Professionally produced by Pod Shack. Sit back and enjoy the highlight of your day.
John Daly John Daly talks current events, politics and how to survive in a media biased world
Utah Could Be News Fake new reports poking fun at the reddest of the red states: UTAH!!!
The Marching Orders Titled "The Marching Orders", the podcast is for a community of listeners who share a common view that the Federal Government is out of control, acting in opposition to the constitution and natural law, and has become tyrannical to the inalienable freedoms of sovereign individuals. Our broadcast takes on subjects related to these tyrannies, and issues a call to action.
Right Side Redux Conservative podcasting from Washington D.C. Noted blogger and political writer Justin Hart podcasts on all things political.
Addicted to Race The first and only podcast dedicated to exploring mixed race identity and interracial relationships
The Creepy Sleepy Show From the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota comes the Creepy Sleepy Show! Indie Rock, Politics and Payola! Doq and Dan have interviewed Senators, Musicians and even GOD! Fantabulous production! Rocking tunes! Semi-legal dissections of politicians! Neither “Liberal” nor “Conservative,” none are safe from the verbal barrage of the Creepy Sleepy Show. “The Daily Show of Podcasting” – Doq Stodden! “The best podcast I’ve ever heard!” – Dan Patterson “It’s better than crack!” – Crackhead Jim
The Young Turks Young Turks is a daily, progressive radio talk show.
NEW WORLD EXPOSURE NEW WORLD EXPOSURE: The world's changing in ways we can't quite comprehend: join me as I try to piece togather the puzzle that is reality. http://www.phpbbserver.com/phpbb/viewforum.php?f=46&mforum=rexfiles