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Dawn and Drew Show Married bestest buddies, podcasting from their 1895 farmhouse living room in southeast wisconsin. delivered in mp3 format.
Yeast Radio Join Chicago''s legendary outrageous drag queen Madge Weinstein as she tells tales of her lesbian love affairs, goes on political rants, and makes phony phone calls.
The Bitterest Pill The Dan Klass Show: comedy, commentary and music from a stay-at-home-dad/shut in.
AirFerg Oh, death, where is thy sting?! When your wife starts writing love letters to Dick Cheney, what would you do? Put it on a podcast! Also, we share our thoughts on a variety of topics from week to week. Anything goes.
The PK & J Show A great-sounding show with two hosts who enjoy each other's company and love to satirize popular culture. Members of the Religious Right probably won't like this show.
Feast of Fools Listen in on the ridiculous world of Chicago's Gay iconoclasts! This is NOT Will and Grace, but an laid back, insane look at topical news, humor, satire, music and more. Hosted by Fausto Fernes with guests: boyfriend Marc Felion, shock jock Sukie DelaCroix, Yeast Radio's Madge Weinstein, and more savory nuts for you to enjoy.
Area 51 Show you are easily offended by bad behavior, tasteless humor and general wrong headedness, LEAVE NOW! If you have ever found yourself in a situation where most people are responding with ewww and you are laughing hysterically then WELCOME HOME! If you are ready to run with scissors and use your outside voice ALL THE TIME then come on in, fasten your seat belt, hide all pets, take small bites, use a number two pencil and have your ticket ready because the tour d' quirk is leaving now!
Croncast - Kris and Betsy Smith Once cool, Kris and Betsy are now living on a cul de sac and breeding. This is not your typical husband and wife show, Betsy really should be on the road making mad cash but that would interfere with breastfeeding. Podcasting for Download every Mon - Wed - Fri by 3:00 P.M. CST. The show title changes for every show depending on the guest. The formula is as follows, Croncast � [guest name here] and [relationship to Kris] Kris; i.e. Croncast � Betsy and her husband Kris. Topics include current events, media, politics, technology and anything else the show guests want to talk about.
Bibb and Yaz Take Over the World Could very well be the web's first cringe humor podcast. 40-60 minutes of talk and humor with some music. No holds barred podcasting at it's best. . .or worst depending how you look at it. Stop by and give it a listen. Don't forget to leave comments good or bad.
The Twisted Pickle Show A fine line between fact and fiction, The Twisted Pickle Show was established in 2005 for shits and giggles. A place for humor and stories meant to help you not take anything in life serious. How? After reading this, you'll have killed enough brain cells to be considered mildly retarded. R Rated. RSS :
The View from Here A unique viewpoint on life, love, politics and shwarma in the land of Israel! Jews and Gentiles are both welcome!
The Peanut Gallery The Peanut Gallery features a new radio story every Sunday evening. The stories often reside in the gray area of tall tales and plausible lies that resides between fiction and non-fiction. To some degree, everything the gallery produces is influenced by the 19th century traditions of rhetorical hyperbole, yellow journalism, snake-oil sales, and general ballyhoo.
Israelisms Podcast Charley & Carol's irreverent weekly podcast on life and politics in the wacky country we like to call...Israel
The John and Wayne Show I have to enter another description? OK, um, we're a show that is a weekly show. We have talk and stuff....ah, we feature an indie rock artist every week...listen or something.
The Steve Vitolo Show The Steve Vitolo Show is a late-night talk show brought to radio. We feature a variety of comedy segments along with interviews from celebrities and local artists. We have interviewed popular indie rock bands such as Limbeck and Steel Train and have had local artists such as Jarrett Clayman and Rachael Cantu perform in the studio. We also feature a weekly segment with celebrity trial lawyer and Court TV anchor, Eddie Hayes.
The Bob Narley Show The Bob Narley Show podcast was rated with 5 stars by FHM magazine for its unique blend of great music and bizaare content. Featuring excellent parody songs and comedy bits, The Bob Narley Show stands out as a top podcast.
Soccergirl, Incorporated Soccergirl loves her sexuality, and she's not afraid to show her titties. Hear tell of amazing adventures, sexual exploits, freaky weirdos, trivia, Russian shit, music, how to get ladies, hot orgies, and much more. Amazing. Inexplicable. Something for everyone. Not to be missed.
Tres Jefes drinking, interviews, bands, all out belligerence
Barefoot Radio Barefoot Radio is an unusual and sometimes vulgar daily talk radio show. Opinionated topics include music, celebrities, politics, comedy, prank phone calls and philosophy in general.
The Bill And Dan Show Comedians Bill Arrundale and Dan Swartwout discuss the comedy scene, popular culture, and current events.
Keith and The Girl Keith and his girlfriend talk shit.
Distorted Views Uncensored news of the weird everyday! It's audio pornography: The Distorted View Show! Not suitable for those under 18 years of age.
The Nikki and Dave Show One boy. One girl. One show. Married, military couple goofing around, laughing at stupid people, insulting each other and just having fun.
BAD HAIR DAY Ever get up in the morning and just know.... It’s going to be a BAD HAIR DAY? Tune in to hear Jenn and Carrie discuss their confusing yet amusing lives. Those looking for educational and helpful commentary need not apply.
Teknikal Diffikulties Comedy and other sundries from the American Midwest. Oommph!