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Podcast - Ike Iossif Money Flow Data and Stock Market Projections - Mike Swanson (08/28/2015)
This week on Nerd Corner John Dee and John Hammond talk about a topic near and dear to Mr Hammonds heart – the Jurassic Park franchise. As always we steer clear of segueways as we go through JDs list of news items. Apologies for JHs sneezing fi
Learn how to survive the #Xbox Apocalypse with the Gutter Geeks as they talk about the history of America's return to the console wars back in 2001 when Microsoft dropped the original XBox on an unexpecting marketplace.
Why is it so hard to get that 2nd date? Tune in with us as we have Co-founder of Platinum Poire Rori Sassoon and her executive vice president Suzanne Scott Pepperdine with us in the studio today. These two experts lay the reasons behind a first and s
Advertisements for reverse mortgages can give the false impression that they are an easy, cost-free way for retirees to finance vacations and leisurely lifestyles. But reverse mortgages aren’t free money, and misusing them—or misunderstanding how
Roundtable discussion about EA's E3 2015 press conference
The hosts of Voices Of Defiance take time with their live audience to break down the Defiance season 3 penultimate episode The Awakening. They mourn Andina’s passing and are horrified at what Kindzi seems about to do. Will Pilar come save Luke?
Baltimore is one of the poorest and most dangerous cities in the US. Its murder rate is one of the highest in the country. The Safe Streets organization cooperates with social workers to reach teenagers on the streets and intervene in violent situati
Home automation is valuable in not only keeping us safe, but informing us when something is wrong. Internet connected thermostats and detectors are great, but some of us rent as opposed to own. In those cases, we might be stuck in what we have. Bu
ZAGG has outdone itself with a new type of iPhone case. The ZAGG Speaker Case is not only that, but also a backup battery that gives you up to 8 hours of charge. About the ZAGG Speaker Case The case itself is technically a bumper you put around th
Desde las revelaciones de Edward Snowden, el concepto Big Data - datos masivos - está en boca de todos. Cada paso en Internet deja sus huellas. Estos sistemas extraen patrones y tendencias del ingente caos de datos y a menudo saben más que nosotros
This week on Gamertag Radio: Dying Light roundtable continues….Battlefield Hardline Beta, Halo 5 Undergoing Major Changes After Beta Feedback via Gamespot, Early The Order: 1886 Player Debunks Five Hour Long Playthrough Rumor via Dualshockers & Fan