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Guess who sharted? No, seriously…out of our cast…guess who sharted. This episode Nan, Jon, and Brian Harmless talked about recent controversies surrounding Sean Penn, Russell Tovey, and Patricia Arquette. They also talk about the movement
Ian Flynn and Kyle Crouse join forces to bring you a brand new bi-weekly podcast: the BumbleKast, the official podcast of BumbleKing Comics! The two talk gaming this week, with news on Shovel Knight, extensive discussion on the glory of amiibo, Ian&#
On this week’s episode, Jon, Brian, and Jermy are joined by former regular Jill. The quatro discuss Subway’s Jared, the current Republican candidates, and Jon’s recent scholastic venture. Hot Topics include the Oregon bakery being f
Today, Pastor Al Dagel brings back a favorite episode, because in it we find out "All I need to know". You will enjoy this for sure!
COM Dr. Richard House Between Now and When: How My Death Made My Life Worth Living Hosted by Jeffery Pritchett
- Thank you to @racewarspodcast for having Joe Numbas come on and shoot the shit (also much love for the shout out on The Opie Show w/lil Jimmy - Thank you to Jon Draper for coming on the second half of the show and hanging out. - Asuka the Grouch -
Melissa Caccamo created the company Equi-SMART . It began as a sports massage therapy business and has branched out to offer multiple services to the equine industry. Focusing on preventative and maintenance care, Equi-SMART is the smart choice to
Kyle pays tribute to the classic Battletoads series with a rockin’ trip through the remix catalog! PLAYLIST: 1. NirreN – Moon Over the Castle (arrangement of ‘Moon Over the Castle’ from Gran Turismo [PS1] :: Soundcloud) 2. Cursed Lemon &#
We're back again with our end of summer TV wrap-up. In this final part of a two-part discussion, the Critic and the Referee talk about summer shows that have ended. (And don’t worry, we’ll focus on fall TV next week. We’re still in preparation
On Today's Show: JV discovered something!, Producer Graham brought us Chocolate Chex to try, Youth soccer starts a "Silent Saturday", It's a Wow Me Wednesday and we try to make each other say WOW!, Every Wednesday we have The Moment and this week one
Before salvation's story, Pastor Al Dagel lets us know that condemnation has a compelling story, but salvation's story wins!