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Marjorie Agosin is an accomplished writer from Chile and professor at Wellesley College. She is best known for her book, I Lived on A Butterfly Hill, and her recent poetry collection, Secrets in the the Sand: The Young Women of Juárez. Continue Rea
Emily Kund is an expert in the field of data visualization, a process that turns data into information that can be processed visually or narratively so that it is easier to understand and can be utilized. Continue Reading →
Great show as Dann Dunn of Marlin Family Live Show joins me to talk Marlins/Mets also voicemail,minor league report and more.
Tammy Derosier and Sue Morrison - Present of DWA
>Tom Dorsey and Tammy DeRosier- A Trip Down to Memory Lane
Tom Dorsey and Paul Keeton-All You Ever Need To Know About The U.S Dollar
Tom Dorsey and Paul Keeton- Wednesday, All about Apple. Should it have come?
Freedom Feens, anarcho-capitalist libertarian voluntaryist general interest syndicated radio show. This is the show that would exist if the government were already out of the way. MK Lords and James Babb discuss Man Sharing Jury Nullification Informa
This week, the NoF crew discusses some of the finer and lesser points of The Matrix Trilogy. Click here if the media player does not load.
I'm ranting and raving and wondering Will Sandy do anything by the trade deadline?  Can we please put Cuddyer on the DL and bring up Conforto already!  Should the Mets fire Wally?  All this and more on this new edition of MetsMusings.
Deborah Gordon is the Medical Director of Pathology at Heywood and Athol Hospital in Massachusetts. She graduated from college not planning on attending medical school, but as opportunities opened up, she eventually earned her MD and became the head
On the podcast tonight I'm joined by Charles Vascellaro co creator of the book "At The Ballpark" and you can help support this project by going to www.kickstarter.com/projects/194906…-fans-companion and leaving a donation.
Tom Dorsey and Paul Keeton - Dollar Sense