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Medros, Emma, and Phandeth return to discuss the coming Wrath timewalking weekend, the product announcements from SDCC, the Skies of Azeroth, and more
Medros, Emma, and Phandeth return to discuss updated demon models, the new Seal of Inevitable Fate, the upcoming live Q and A with Watcher, and more
Cronache della Svizzera italiana (RSI Radio svizzera - Rete Uno)
Mike and Bill discuss Metallic Science #1-2, Transference #1, Negative Space #1, Tomorrows #1 Bornhome #1, Where Monsters Dwell #1-3, Betty and Veronica #272, Unity #19-20, You’re next, It Follows, Ex Machina and Previews Picks. Continue readin
Medros, and Phandeth are joined by Bim'ini to talk about Blizzcon virtual ticket holders having a chance at a goody bag, the WoW token price roller coaster, and more
August 03, 2015. A new study has revealed the importance of exercise for teenage girls. Researchers analysed data from a study conducted in Shanghai on 75,000 women.
Host Derek Coward talks about where to find the shows taking part in the Dog Days of Podcasting challenge, No Mercy #4, and wishes a very Happy Birthday to one of his favorite people. Continue reading →
No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you're still way ahead of anyone who isn't trying. Very few marketers even make the effort of doing Thank You cards. Should this be part of your everyday routine? Are there tasks that ar
Learn English today through some funny jokes. In today's episode we teach some cool idioms, info about the Australian outback, and a funny grocery list. Don't forget to go to www.englishfuncast.com to read the joke text along with the podcast.
SDCC has come and gone. Join Pat and guest Howard Han as we reminisce about the con. The highs, the lows, some big and small moments, and what we all took home at the end. A really fun show, so check it out! Big thanks again to all the friends, pros,
Medros, Emma, and Phandeth are back to talk about Felblight, upcoming WoW eSports coverage, Tanaan Jungle preview, Interview some Badge Babes, and more
Medros and Phandeth return to discuss dev interviews with Vanion and Mamytwink, the new Hearthstone season and ad, the rep benfits of the Darkmoon Faire, and more
Medros, Emma and Phandeth return to talk about the Heirloom ilvl change, Azeroth Armory's making of Gorehowl, Noblegarden, and more
Words are an essential part of communication and leadership. John C. Maxwell’s “A Minute With Maxwell” video coaching program will help you gain insight on a different word every single day, add value and make a difference in your life, or you