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Farmers and gardeners have been fighting weeds since time immemorial. Now it may time for the weeds to fight for us.
In this episode, the boys discuss Jared Fogle, the short comings of Neil Patrick Harris and come up with a new game show.
Fans of Old Time Music flock to Floyd, Virginia every Friday night for a mixture of dancing, jamming and down-home sounds.
On today’s show, Dr David Anders discusses what it means to “fear the Lord” with a caller. Also, Dr Anders talks with a caller who wonders, “Why is Christianity the right religion?” Tune in for this and much more on EWTN Radio’s “Called
If you have listened to todays bonus episode you will have heard the host David Ralph talk about how he has changed his life by investing heavily in areas that he lacked. Back on episode 400, he released a Bonus episode talking about how he was strug
We're near t the Regular season, but that unfortunately means we also have injuries. Colm is joined by Sigmond Bloom(@SigmondBloom) of footballguys.com . They discuss Jordy Nelson/Packers, Broncos/Mathis & more. As always, thanks for listening, we ho
It's the world largest pharmacy and it may be no further than your back yard.
A type of slurry, similar to the rainbow colored variety we enjoy in slush drinks, is a futuristic element for large scale structural cooling.
The cityscape is an environment that creates a micro-climate unto itself.
For a full list of episodes go to www.qurantalk.podbean.com [47:21] Obedience and righteous utterances are expected of them. If only they showed confidence in GOD, when mobilization was called for, it would have been better for them. [52:26] They
He would have been the first high-ranking church official to go on trial but had recently suffered health problems
They're poisonous if used improperly, but in the hands of an expert, they can save lives.
Mat Riley was involved in an accident in which a 51-year-old husband lost his life
This week's episode is a continuation of Ep 67:The Life and Times of a Professional Animator.  After our discussion with animator Jim Brown we dive into animation and cartoons in general.