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This is the fourth and final part of The Diamond Amulet
Our heroes make their way aboard the enemy ship with the most guile that they can muster.
Our blundering heroes make the wise decision to enter the forboding obsidian tower.
It’s that time again! Cory and Jeff discuss the 2015 Emmy nominations and give their predictions for the winners, as well as who they think SHOULD win. The good news: Jeff has actually SEEN some of the shows this year!
The band of adventurers encounter more dangers in the Mines as they get more and more lost.
The usual eclectic mix of treasonous and cryptic remarks by HAC. Gretchen reviews a book by Alan Benoist.
How RBS is faring, plus - 50% of internet users check into Facebook at least once a month
Well... someday something is going to happen in this here bible and you'll feel awfully silly for not reading my descriptions anymore. Sadly, today is not that day. Nothing happens. Moses sucks and won't die ever.
Our band of not quite heroes continue on their quest to stop the big bad that they released. Their quest takes them to a seedier part of the city than they are used to being in.
Our fifth call-in show.
The heroes come together and start on their journey to hunt down the fallen Jedi, Darth Caslu
Casey, Matt and Carlos do a special edition of Tabletop Theatre where they talk about how they got into tabletop gaming, the show so far and the future plans for the show.