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Lady Gaga plant ihre Hochzeit, X Ambassadors schwelgen in Nostalgie, Deichkind warnen vor Taschendieben, Taylor Swift ist langweilig, Kraftklub verabschieden sich von Deutschland, Kelvin Jones mag Mark Forster
Have you ever gone through trying times and wondered why, and what purpose it could possibly serve? Have you ever thought God had abandoned you and left you to hurt on your own, possibly for no good purpose at all? Today we ponder the answers to thes
With Adam and his antics enjoying the warmth of St. Lucia, the show must still go on! Darren breaks down the Zika virus and fills us in on what we should know. Cristina investigates whether we really need to get our wisdom teeth removed. Finally, Pat
This 1984 Tom Hanks film is the fuel for a lot of debate on this week's show!
This week we have reviews from George from Tulsa and Victor Cajaio, I'm going to tell you about a service to make any text article into a podcast, we'll hear about Ditto for wearable notifications, I'll review the Smartbean to turn any headphones int
Kendrick Lamar will sie alle, Rihanna lässt auffahren, James Bay bekommt eigenes Emoji, Adele verkauft am meisten, Bosse lässt euch vorhören, X Ambassadors wollen motivieren
Miley Cyrus wird Coach, Katy Perry war nie wieder so nervös, Carly Rae Jepsen macht auf Straßenmusikerin, Deichkind spielen gegen rechts, Taylor Swifts Stalker festgenommen, Wiz Khalifa wird Grasbauer
Man shot dead in Dublin in what police believe could be reprisal for "weigh-in" murder on Friday
On this week's show we have reviews of Spotlight, The Big Short and Creed. Reactions to the first couple of episode of Agent Carter, the new season of The X-Files, Steven Moffat leaving Doctor Who and more. For more information and tickets for the up