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Rygar? Why not.  Another D-Padder pick as Rygar jumps to the top of the voting list just prior to the new year.
Mick Rock is a legendary music photographer often dubbed "The man who shot the seventies". He's worked extensively with Syd Barrett, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Peter Gabriel and Andy Warhol. I had the chance to site down with Mick at the Sunset Marquis i
There’s new hope for people with severe food allergies – and it’s all in your gut!
Questo articolo proviene da AmiciAmici.com ed è reso possibile grazie al contributo di BKTP di Gian Marco Tedaldi: Web Agency specializzata in E-Commerce e Social Media MarketingLeggi Frutta e verdura superano la carne nella spesa degli italiani su
Barcelona attracts many creative minds in the fashion industry, and a lot of young talent has small studios in the city on the Mediterranean. One of them is Krizia Robustella, who now runs three boutiques.
With more than 1,500 stalls. the Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen is one of the largest antique markets worldwide. Antiques expert Riad Kneife goes there to find most exclusive pieces for his well-heeled customers.
Jeremiah gets more personal in his complaints, but his “conversation” with YHWH still seems to shut out any response… curiouser and curiouser… and which ending will you choose of this series? This screencast is part of a serie
French artist Mademoiselle Maurice brings some color to the gray walls of houses, bridges and fences. She uses Japanese-style origami, embellishing public squares and streets with thousands of pieces of folded paper.
Conventional market commentary leading up to the Fed meetingGary kicks today off with his thoughts on the conventional markets. As he says, he should just take positions in...
Since Google suggests the first chapter of 2 Kings is humorous I’ll measure it against the criteria. It meets most (but not all) which i think makes it clear this passage is not merely funny but was intended to be funny. Though again it is a &#