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In what they say is a quest to create a better human, body hackers implant digital devices into their bodies. They recently held a conference devoted to this unique embedding of data.
Michael and Derrick sit down with more popcorn to provide an audio commentary track for 1999's The Matrix. Enjoy more useless trivia and attempts at humor!
Abul Bajandar says surgery has given him hope that he can return to old life as a village rickshaw driver
This is a guest post by Chris Reno on Nahum 1.
Merlin and Diana break down many of the misconceptions that reality TV has put in our heads when it comes to real estate! Whether you’re talking Fix & Flip, Wholesaling, Multi-Family or commercial, there are things you must know and do in order to
A weekly attempt at opening eyes, and trying to shed some light on what’s really going on in the world. All done by ripping apart the media madness that masquerades as news. All with a healthy dose of paranoia. Hosted this week by Gareth Davies, Be
Merlin and John welcome back Dr. Richard Ebeling to talk about his recent article about The Follies and Fallacies of Keynesian Economics. The trio also look at the current debt picture in the US and the potential for the “End Game”.
Kanye West is making headlines for exhibiting manic behavior around the upcoming release of his latest album, “The Life of Pablo”. Is it erratic behavior or a canny promotional tactic? And is West’s album actually finished, or are the many chan
Indiana University added an exhibit to the online platform that features audio and photos from the early days of radio — from when black-oriented stations started popping up in the 1940s and beyond.
Both have kept silent on romance rumours so far, but Liam's act will only get tongues wagging even more
http://traffic.libsyn.com/trafcom/Traf160225.mp3 This year Podcamp Toronto celebrated its tenth year with a great conference covering podcasting, digital media and more." Here is my quick report after the event. Visit the Podcamp Toronto 2016 site fo