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Todd Curtis interviewed by Radio 938 Live of Singapore about a UN decision that would allow better ATC over the ocean, making a flight MH370 situation less likely.
Executive Director of the Montachusetts Veterans Outreach Center is in studio tonight with Dan! Call the show to join the conversation!
Poor oversight of government contractors in Afghanistan paved the way for insurgents to plant roadside bombs under highways and embankments that ultimately killed and wounded U.S. troops, according to a congressional watchdog tasked with rooting out
This week brings a barrel full of newb to the table as Mark joins the Trusty Crowbar on an adventure into games that he plays and a whole lot of faffing about. We find time to discuss some historical fun and look to the future and what it brings. Thi
RIP James Avery. Todd and Joe Talk about NY Resolutions  Roseanne going into Porn?? *BARF* jerry bruckheimer fired from disney? todd talks about the lone ranger movie. Jet Li is being treated for over active thyroid. Jess Harnell Turned 50 right bef
Lisa Wehr, Kaci McCleary, Dylan Todd, and Marc Toral discuss things of much import, such as why Dave’s iPad lock screen is a pile of dangerously toxic potatoes, and why it’s important to use the correct pronunciation of gyros but not othe
Wherever electricity can be found, so too the means to play video games. Worldwide youth culture has a sizable slice of it's collective time absorbed by the competitive pixel shuffling offered up on a rapidly growing spectrum of hardware. From simula
The vicious nativism that we all know resides just below the surface of many leftists, reared its ugly Wednesday in a nasty Salon piece aimed at “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah. The dogwhistle attacks on Noah’s “outsider”
On Tuesday, The View’s eminent historian Whoopi Goldberg, reaching into her vast bag of historical erudition, pulled out a tidbit of data that would astonish even Jesus: Adolf Hitler was a Christian.
Todd and Joe Talk about Upcoming Movies Talk Talks about El Rey Network's "From Dusk till dawn" joe jokes about Corey Feldman music video called DUH Todd and joe talk about a few other things before going to AFK Elixirs and Eatery