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Pope Francis continued his meditations on the end of the world, preaching Tuesday morning on “how to behave in the face of persecution” and urging his hearers to defend their Christian identity at all costs.
The Message is out! Mac Rogers' exciting new serialized podfict is our feature tonight for a taste. Go listen to the rest of the series on itunes!
On November 16, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter (D) suggested there is "no level of distinction" between U.S. gun crime and the terror attacks that occurred in Paris on Friday.
Tom and Dave review James Bond's latest outing, Spectre. Also: Dope, Pixels, Entourage, Cop Car, Insurgent, Love and Mercy, Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck Scandal, Millionaire: A Major Fraud.
The vicious nativism that we all know resides just below the surface of many leftists, reared its ugly Wednesday in a nasty Salon piece aimed at “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah. The dogwhistle attacks on Noah’s “outsider”
Joe Cosentino discusses his career as an actor, writer and educator and talks about his new book, A Murder Mystery set backstage at a college theatre dept., Drama Queen.
As Vietnam prepares to enact new legislation that will seriously curb religious freedom, police have begun cracking down on Christians, especially those most vocal about their faith. In a period of just ten days, police twice assaulted Christian stu
In the vast effort to purge American history of anything out of step with the milieu of modern progressivism, college leftists have turned their wrath on one of the fathers of their movement: Woodrow Wilson.
This one is definitely funky with some old school 80's sounds thrown in there. Track listing: Man Gone (Original Mix) - Weiss (Uk) This Is How We Did It (Original Mix) - 86deep Bass (How Low Can You Go) Vs Simon Harris (Club Mix) - Milk & Sugar Raw (
Attempting conversation with your teen can be like pulling teeth. You twist, pull and prod, with nothing to show except a few mumbled words, a little drool, and sense of frustration! Here’s a question to get the ball rolling with your teen, “Wha
Executive Director of the Montachusetts Veterans Outreach Center is in studio tonight with Dan! Call the show to join the conversation!
Billionaire Donald Trump says it is “unwise” for newly elected House Speaker Paul Ryan to fund President Barack Obama’s efforts to resettle Syrian refugees across America.