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A legendary natural sound collector shares his recordings. We'll listen in.
The team reacts to a bizarre add-on for the Nintendo 3DS, we answer some of your question, and discuss some of the big new releases including Dead Island and Resistance 3.
With Tom on his Honeymoon and Pearson having flown the nest, we've a special guest on this week's show. The secret VideoGamer joins Neon and Martin to talk about Minecraft and The Walking Dead.
Show 65   NC http://wunc.org/post/school-year-begins-districts-are-short-teachers#stream/0 After 10+/- years of shitting on schools, shorting pay, and firing TA’s, they are having a hard time filling positions. I’ve been saying this for years. S
Em Moçambique líder da RENAMO endurece discurso contra o Governo da FRELIMO. Na Guiné-Bissau procura-se ainda um consenso quanto ao nome do primeiro ministro. Uso de terras e reassentamentos no contexto da exploração de gás no norte de Moçambi
Host Derek Coward talks about a bunch of stuff before talking about Spider-Gwen.
From 'Batman' to 'Birdman,' Michael Keaton knows suits and superheroes. The actor talks about his Oscar-nominated performance and growing up the youngest of seven kids. [Originally broadcast February 2015] Jazz critic Kevin Whitehead reviews the debu
We're back: Older, by a couple of weeks, but certainly not wiser. Though judging by the effect LA cuisine has had on our waistlines, we're probably a bit larger. Still, there's more to digest than mere hamburgers.
Chanceler alemã declara “tolerância zero” para ataques a refugiados no país. Cerca de 400 jovens cabo-verdianos deverão ser deportados em breve pelos Estados Unidos. Conflito armado regressa ao norte do Mali.
Last week at D23, Disney announced a plethora of new things come to the parks. I pick some of them to talk about and give some details and my thoughts about what's coming. Especially intriguing is the 11 acres that will be Toy Story Land, and the 14
Julgamento do ativista angolano Marcos Mavungo começa esta terça-feira em Cabinda. Crise financeira coloca a principal companhia de telefonia móvel em Moçambique à beira do precipício. Radicais de extrema direita na Alemanha responsáveis por p
Justin is solo and talks about marriage, Childish Behaviour in the workplace, and the top 10 things you need to teach your kids.   Questions for Rachel recording at the end of the month.     Facebook.com/dadpodcast   @DadPodcast @
The musical and graphic novel 'Fun Home' describe Alison Bechdel's coming out, and her dad's closeted homosexuality. She says, "In many ways ... my professional career has been a reaction to my father's life." 'Fun Home' won five Tonys this year, inc