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Welcome to Episode 138 of the Sheep Dressed Like Wolves Podcast. In this episode I¬†explore […] The post #138: Some Amazing Truths About The Impact of Practice on Communication [Podcast] appeared first on Sheep Dressed Like Wolves.
Scientists may have found a way to control an invasion of non-native plants in the mid-west.
Fans of Old Time Music flock to Floyd, Virginia every Friday night for a mixture of dancing, jamming and down-home sounds.
This week Mack came up with the articles and they take a darker turn then normal. Still good stuff.
The iconic Guinness Book of World Records turns 60 years old. CBS's Steve Kathan has "What's in the News".
Signs of caterpillars are easy to spot, but how do you locate the caterpillars themselves?
Nicole digs into the latest report from NOAA that says July was the hottest month on record, ever! The new Quinnipiac poll is out and it's not looking great for Hillary. Julianna Forlano joins in to help recap the week's news, including the new littl
In this episode: Matt, Robin, Kathleen, Kutris, and Brandon talk about their amazing time at Gen Con: 2015.