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This week Kye Alfred Hillig joins Claire and myself for a chat about his upcoming album release, Great Falls Memorial Interchange. We’ll talk to him about the new tunes, his groundbreaking album released last year, The Buddhist, and perhaps a b
Editor’s Note: In light of recent arguments involving education, I thought it prudent to introduce those whom may not be familiar to Dr. McDurmon’s “County Rights” project. Below is an excerpt (part one of three pertaining
As we delve into the off brands and irregular sizes you should find sleep. (starts at 17:10) "The Thoracic Podcaster" will help you gently fall asleep with his narcissistic metaphors. Please support our Patreon at just a dollar a month!!! Podcast Pla
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It’s a common story. Mom and Dad enjoy great relationships with their innocent young kids everything is going just fine, then, out of nowhere, your teen becomes a monster! One moment your family looks like the American dream. The next moment, you
I published my article “Cruz homeschool bill will bring homeschoolers under Federal regulation” because I earnestly believe it is a bad idea. I have grave concerns about homeschoolers being entangled in federal programs that by definition come wi
Pure speed: the Ford Focus RS with four drive modes. Family car: the Seat Alhambra van. Spectacular: the annual motorcycle trade fair at Lake Constance. Related: the BMW X4 and the X3. Historical: the Shanghai Auto MuseumPresent it: Ford Focus RSOn t
This week's rounds are Music (Connection), Disney Princesses, Famous Voices, and Communications. The music is Cindarella by KRYZTAL.
On this episode: -The month-long celebration continues! -A St. Peterspeare poem on 5 years on Stonerjesus.net -Sex, Toys and Stories from the Road with @VDJSexyHippie -Pothead Punditry, episodes of which can be found here and...
Tim Theule | Philippians 1:12-30 | 02/07/2016 The clear message of this little book of Philippians is that true joy is not dependent on circumstances, but in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Here the Apostle Paul not only shares his own joy, but challenge
2 Chronicles 12:1-14, 1 John 1:5-2:6; Rhema is God's work. But the preparation of the heart is our work. The importance of transformation and the key role of repentance. Confession is not a ritual... Visit our Church website at www.ggwoindia.com
That’s right! Playwright, podcaster and man-about-coffee-shops Greg Owens joins me today as co-host and interviewee as we go through some great music grabs from his personal stash. He also talks about his brand new podcast showcasing first read