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Today it’s another fantastic and enthralling INTO AN INTERVIEW and MIKE ON MOBILE where I talk to MATT from NILES who tells us about this interesting California town. Plus we hear from Chely Shoehart, Floyd the Floorman, John Deer the Engineer, and
Tonight Alil and Steve review Zombeavers.  Is this Horror Comedy any good? Well... You will just have to listen to find out. Enjoy 
There are lots of lessons that real estate agents learn about the best way, the most efficient way to conduct their business. Some of these are big & obvious, others - not so much. Some of these lessons are painful and expensive, while others become
Who wants to be a millionaire? You do - and if you want to get there, it's going to take hard work, determination, and the "must-have" agent habits that all the top-producers possess. In today's special encore presentation, award-winning real estate
Today we're discussing how to effectively work with builder representatives for new construction homes, and how that can lead to a wealth of listings & leads for agents - especially now that the market is recovering and making up for lost time in the
An anonymous whistleblower has sent attorneys for Move, Inc a letter containing detailed accusations of data-theft by Zillow, which include "scraping" listing-data from the Realtor.com website, developing "data-quality" software that works by scrapi
It's heresy - but it's true! Most top-producers make almost NO profit in their real estate businesses, which is why they often turn to expensive lead-generation schemes & build larger & larger teams to try and stay on top of their expenses. What are
Now, what could these be for?
Joshua didn't recognize this man. Do you?
We're joined today by Andrea Quyn from SunCal Real Estate Group. Andrea is a real estate coaching student of Tim & Julie Harris, and joins us to discuss the positive effects of real estate coaching & training on his real estate career - as well as s
Feeling burned by your CRM? Tired of trying to make a bulky, one-size-fits-all corporate solution fit your real estate practice? There is an effective, easy-to-implement, low-tech alternative that some of the nation's top-producing brokers & agents
In this week's episode, Oklahoma residents will no longer know whose name they can and can't use in vain; we learn that the folks at the WBC have never even heard of a turkey helmet; and Nick Morgan-Moore will be here to fill my inbox with angry emai
Want to make bigger real estate commission checks? Learn how to  your average sale price in only 5 easy steps! You have to know your market, know your competition, and know how to target the right kind of homes. Today, join award-winning real estat
Most Realtors® LOVE working for themselves - with little or no external accountability. The problem, however, is that without accountability it's hard to push yourself to achieve the tasks required for growth & success. Today we're discussing the "D