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YPG and its Arab allies expel rival anti-government factions from Minnigh air base, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says
Sein "Kolumistisches Manifest" ist ab Montag in der Lesezeit zu hören. Axel Hacke feiert am 20.01. seinen 60. Geburtstag und ist zu Gast bei Thomas Bille im MDR FIGARO-Cafè.
Christ crossed over a border to hear the pleas of the Canaanite woman and heal her daughter. But more than a story about a healing, Fr Thomas delivers an important lesson about the makeup of the Church that every parish and every parishioner needs to
Liz gets pulled over for speeding by a policeman. Liz: Hello Officer. What seems to be the problem? Officer: Well, Miss, you were going eleven miles per hour over the speed limit. Can I see your driver's license please? Liz: Yes, of course. Here it i
Some reflections on the Iowa caucuses. Correspondent Steve Futterman has today's Reporter's Notebook.
Mark and Theresa bring you inside Design Construction Week 2016 at the Fabuwood booth. They talk design and innovation with HGTV host Chip Wade, Make it Right Mike Holmes Jr. and many more! 
The app After School allows high school students to communicate only with other students from their school. But it does allow for anonymity and led to some instances of bullying early on. The story is today's TECH TALK. (Magid, self-ID)
WBZ's Jordan Rich chats with CEO and Founder of Intermezzo Magazine Roseann Tully and "Sip: For the Love of Drink" about mocktails.
with Dan Soder and Joe List – Sobriety; the benefits of political handshaking; comedian making eye contact; Planned Parenthood donations; suicide airplane bomber kills only self; Donald Trump calls Ted Cruz a pussy; SNL-alum Hillary Clinton condemn
Europa lucha con numerosos problemas. Refugiados, deuda pública o desempleo juvenil. Por eso, para muchos la Unión Europea es un proyecto fracasado. ¿Cómo se podría reconstruir la idea de Europa? ¿Qué valores, qué visiones aglutinarían el en
This is no small subject.
A new feature will enable Twitter users to see wha the company's software think are the most relevant tweets on top. But if you're die hard user who hates change. you'll be happy to know that it's optional and off by default